Red: The Color of Desire Natural Dyeing Workshop

Wednesday March 15

9:00 AM  –  4:00 PM

In this special condensed one-day workshop, students will learn the art of natural dyeing with Cochineal. This will include how the selection of different mordant processes used in conjunction with the cochineal dye results in different shades of red in the final dyed cloth. The workshop will examine the use of madder and the color differences, middle mordants to change colors, and indigo to overdue and obtain purples. This workshop will include a combination of demonstration, lecturing and hands-on work.

Students should bring a bagged lunch.

About the Instructor

Suzanne Connors has maintained an active fiber art studio since 2008. Her academic background in architecture and design lays the groundwork for her practice using traditional shibori techniques. Creating a family of detail, establishing order, combining simple techniques, textures and using design repetition are the foundations of her work.

Suzanne enjoys sharing her passion for texture, color and pattern through her artwork and workshops. She lives in Stuart, Florida surrounded by her family and is the founder of the Aya Fiber Studio and School of Textile Arts.